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Our pledge to serve our customers is not a catch phrase or gimmick. It is our standard of business. If you're looking for a line stop contractor you can depend on, you're on the right site. Municipal Pipe Services offers you the line stopping expertise, equipment, and experience to help you get the job done right the first time.

All of our services at Municipal Pipe Services help limit your liability, and hold down your costs of repair and replacement:

  • Uninterrupted fire protection
  • Continuous service to large users (hospitals, factories, restaurants, etc.)
  • Guaranteed water stop
  • No delays getting your system back in service
  • No problems with rechlorinization, no issuing of "boil" orders, no loosening of deposits and water discoloration, and no backflow problems
  • No costly loss of water revenue
  • No customer complaints
  • No hidden or unknown costs


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Municipal Pipe Services can work on virtually any type of pipe:

  • Water, wastewater, or gas
  • Industrial pipelines
  • Fuel and oil pipes
  • Gravity and forced wastewater mains
  • High Pressure Glycol pipes
  • Water treatment and storage tanks, transmission mains, and distribution lines
  • Municipal, Industrial or Personal Systems
  • Ductile, IPS PVC, C900, SDR-35 PVC, Steel, Sand Cast, A/C Transite, Claytile, HDPE, Concrete, Copper

Line Stopping AnimationWe also offer water main valve insertion, hot tap, and other equipment sales and leasing for the water works industry:

  • Valve Insertion, Line Stopping and Hot Tapping equipment
  • Replace or recondition cutters and pilot bits (All makes)
  • Repair to Line Stop and Valve Insertion Equipment
  • Products for nearly every size of pipe

Enjoy viewing our line stop, valve insertion, large diameter hot tap services, pipe freezing and other products listed on this site. Be sure to use the Contact Form to contact us with questions or submit job specs. We will promptly respond to you, supplying the requested information and details on your project. Call for submittals or additional information.


Call 1-800-395-7473 and ask for Bob.

We look forward to serving you.
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