Pipe Freezing

Pipe Freezing is a process used to isolate a section of your piping system in order to perform maintenance or repairs. Pipe Freezing offers the following advantages to you and your business.

Why Use Pipe Freezing

  • Freezing gives you the ability do maintenance without shutting entire system down.
  • Non-Intrusive way to isolate portions of the system.
  • Avoid the loss of costly chemically treated fluids.
  • 3/8” to 48” pipe diameters
  • Multiple Freezing can be done to isolate specific portions of your system.
  • Freeze Plugs can be left on the line for a short period or up to weeks if needed.

    Who can use Pipe Freezing?
    Pipe freezing is available for many different applications. Water utilities, power plants, sewage treatment stations, municipal and industrial applications, office buildings, hospitals and hotels. Systems working with multiple types of fluids: Water and waste water, glycol systems, Oil and chilled water systems.

    Pipe freezing can be done on a number of types of pipe: PVC, copper, aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast or ductile iron and others.

    Check out our images below and see how the process works.
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